To create Email Report Subscriptions

1.  Right click on the three dots (elipsis) at top right corner of Report Folder and select Subscribe.

2.  In the Description box type the name of your Subscription (this is just visible to you) in your Subscription List.   

3.  Select Edit Schedule.

Choose the frequency of your email (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and select days of week/month.  IMPORTANT! You must change the Start Time to be a time after 6 am as WinePulse data is downloaded overnight, if you leave the time at 2 am the report will have incomplete data.

4.  Click Apply.

5.  Type in name of email address(es) and separate with semi-colon (if required).

6.  Update the Subject of the email to have a meaningful name as this will be seen by recipients of the Emailed Report.

7.  Click Create Subscription to finish.  Your report will be sent at the designated day and time.  If you need to update the Subscription/Run it Now/Temporarily Disable it (see the section below on Editing Subscriptions).

To edit Email Report Subscriptions

1.  In the Tool Bar on the top right, Select the gear icon, then Select My Subscriptions.

2.  Click on Edit, then you can change the frequency, timing, etc. for all of your automatic Report Subscriptions.  Ensure you change the time the email is sent to be 6 am or later to ensure all data has been downloaded before the report is sent each morning.

3.  Note that you can select a report by checking the left hand box and you have options to Run it Now, Disable, Enable, Delete.

To watch a video on how to set up subscriptions to reports click here.