VinDashboard provides many industry standard reports and key performance indicators to help wineries track their DTC data, view trends, and analyze metrics to take action and improve sales.

Paso Robles, CA – April 2, 2019 – VinDashboard, a cloud-based business analytics solution that provides wineries with powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools, is now a certified technology partner with WineDirect, the leading provider of direct to consumer (DTC) software tools to the wine industry. 

Starting today, WineDirect clients around the world can now connect their DTC data, including wine club, tasting room and online sales, to VinDashboard’s reporting software to access over fifty reports and key performance indicators (KPIs). This connection makes it easy to track tasting room and sales associate performance, analyze wine club metrics, easily identify wine club members at risk and more. It also measures overall DTC performance for different date ranges and channels, giving winery leaders a quick, easy-to-digest view of business health. By providing a broad range of reports and flexible filters, VinDashboard provides wineries with valuable and actionable insights they need to positively impact sales.

In my many years providing technical and business consulting across the globe and in many industries, I observed a major need for automatic reporting and business analytics solutions” said Remy Sabiani, owner of VinDashboard and a veteran consultant with over twenty years of experience in business intelligence solutions. “The wine industry is extremely varied but all the wineries, large or small, have the same business needs in terms of DTC reporting and tracking metrics. As the leading provider of DTC ecommerce software to the wine industry, partnering with WineDirect was an obvious choice. VinDashboard automates their DTC reporting so, instead of spending days every month manipulating data and creating reports, they can instead focus on improving sales. That’s where the idea of VinDashboard came from.”

The partnership between VinDashboard and WineDirect enables WineDirect clients to have instant visibility on their DTC trends in order to create actionable strategies to improve processes and increase sales. World-class wineries such as Argyle, Round Pond, Adelaida and more, are already utilizing VinDashboard’s reports, KPIs and dashboards to streamline their reporting process to a few minutes instead of days. “We are so excited by the potential applications of VinDashboard despite only scratching the surface of the capabilities,” said Rob Alstrin, Sales & Marketing Director at Argyle Winery. “VinDashboard gives our team the ability to quickly and easily visualize important KPIs at a glance. We are finding it to be a valued tool and solution to more efficient reporting.”

VinDashboard is the latest addition to WineDirect’s technology partner roster and fills a unique need for the wine industry. Many wineries are sitting on a treasure trove of customer data, but lack the tools to turn that into useful insights. “At WineDirect, we always look for opportunities to offer our clients new, innovative tools to help them better understand and grow their DTC sales,” said Devin Loftis, VP of Product at WineDirect.  “In VinDashboard, I saw a solution that would allow our winery clients to leverage their existing data to gain deep, actionable insights and truly improve their bottom line. On top of that Remy and the VinDashboard team offer top notch service and truly understand the intricacies of selling wine direct to consumer.”

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About WineDirect
WineDirect is the leader in winery direct-to-consumer (DTC) services including ecommerce, point-of-sale, wine club, fulfillment and marketplace distribution solutions. In an era of rapidly increasing consumer expectations, our unique end-to-end platform enables wineries to provide next-level service and create customer relationships that last. Serving more than 1,800 wineries worldwide, WineDirect is headquartered in Napa Valley with offices in Paso Robles, CA; Santa Maria, CA; Glenwillow, OH; Vancouver, BC; and McLaren Vale, Australia. Learn more about how we are helping wineries succeed with DTC at

About VinDashboard
VinDashboard is a cloud based (SaaS) Business Intelligence Solution that connects directly to WineDirect. It includes many industry standard reports and key performance indicators to help wineries track their DTC data, view trends and analyze metrics to take action and improve sales. VinDashboard is fully automated, requires no in-house data manipulation and can be accessed from any device, anywhere. Learn more about how VinDashboard is saving wineries time and providing valuable DTC analytic insights at