The purpose of this report is to calculate how long members stay in a club on average, i.e. the "average tenure" for that club.  Some members stay in a club for just a few months, while others perhaps have been in your club from the start and are still active.  By focusing on those members that have canceled, this report works out the average tenure for the club (or clubs) you select. You can use this figure together with the annual revenue per club to work out the average revenue per club member, which can drive decisions about sales associate sign-up incentives for your different clubs.  Depending on the cancellation reason and the dates selected, the report will calculate a different average tenure.  This report is not showing average tenures of active or on hold members.

This report can also be used in combination with the 04- Wine Club > Membership Analysis > Members at Risk to show existing club members who are approaching/are beyond the average cancellation term.

04- Wine Club > Membership Analysis > 04- Average Tenure