You’ve identified a set of customers using one of WinePulse Customer Analysis reports and now you want to target them with an email campaign from WineDirect.   Follow these simple steps to generate a List Builder email list in WineDirect:

  • Identify the customers in WinePulse and download to Excel
  • Create a Contact Type (or identify an existing one) in WineDirect so you can tag this set of customers
  • Use WineDirect’s Customer Importer function to assign this Contact Type to your set of customers
  • Build a new List in WineDirect based on this Contact Type
  • Design and send an Email Document to this new List.


This process is expanded in the 10 steps below.


1.  Download the relevant Customer Analysis data from WinePulse, Customer Analysis Reports to Excel.  

2.  Create a new Contact Type in WineDirect (if appropriate) or identify an existing contact type you wish to use for this campaign.

3.  Read WineDirect's documentation for the full details of how to do an import CLICK HERE FOR FULL WINEDIRECT INSTRUCTIONS and particularly note the highlighted information box for "rules".

4.  Download WineDirect's Customer Importer Sample File to Excel which ensures the correct fields are used for your import (noting the important instructions on not removing or changing fields - click here).  

5.  Copy and paste the column of relevant Customer Numbers from the WinePulse Customer Analysis download to the CustomerNumber column in the WineDirect template Excel file.  

6.  Add the required new/existing contact type to the ContactType column in the WineDirect template Excel file (ensure you have already created this in WineDirect!).

7.  Do not delete any columns or add any other data to the remaining columns -  leave them blank.  Save the file as an Excel 97-2003 or Excel 2007 file.  Empty rows can be deleted.

8.  Use the WineDirect Customer Importer to Choose the Excel file and Import the data to WineDirect.  For this type of customer import it doesn’t matter what value you select for the “If Exists” dropdown.

9.  Use WineDirect's Contact, List Builder to create a new List based on your required Contact Type.

10.  Prepare and send your marketing campaign and enjoy the success of a targeted email campaign to just the relevant customers!