Most important tell us if anything about your Winedirect setup or processes changes!

WinePulse/VinDashboard WineDirect Saved Reports - DO NOT DELETE, AMEND or RENAME!

The MOST IMPORTANT part of WinePulse reporting is that the Saved Reports created in your WineDirect system (preceded with the words WinePulse or VinDashboard) MUST NOT be deleted/renamed or amended in any way!).  These reports are run every night automatically by WinePulse to provide you with the following days’s dashboards and reports.

If for any reason you know this has happened please notify so that we can set these up again to ensure your daily reporting happens!  Ensure everyone in your organization knows these should not be tampered with!  

The Best Practices pre WinePulsed outlined the effective use of Product Departments, Order Types, Sales Attributes etc.  To ensure that your WinePulse reporting continues to provide you with accurate information on your business please take note of the following!

Product departments

Ensure that any new products are always added to the correct Department iIn WineDirect.  This is an easy step to forget when creating new products as WineDirect does not require you to assign a Product to a Department.  

Order Types (Tasting Room Pours/Write Offs)

Continue to set up new Order Types if your business process changes and these will continue to be available to you in WinePulse for selection.

New Tasting Room 

If you open an additional Tasting Room set up a new Order Type for that Tasting Room and be sure to inform us so that we can update your reporting.

Sales Attributes

Continue to use new Sales Attributes if your business processes change and these will continue to be available to you in WinePulse reporting.