Ensure when you are considering exporting data from WinePulse to import to WineDirect for an email campaign that you follow WineDirect's "Rules" for Customer Import. Full details of WineDirect's instructions can be found HERE.
Before importing or exporting, please note:

1) Records are synced first on customer number and second on the email address field. If a customer number is left blank in the spreadsheet, the email address will be used to verify if the contact already exists in the database. If the customer number field is left blank and the email address is deemed to be a unique/new one, a brand new customer profile will be created.

2) Two separate contacts cannot have the same email address. If the same email address exists twice in your spreadsheet, the first line will import and then the second line will overwrite the entry.

3) If you are importing customers with customer numbers, you will want to ensure that all of your imports use the same customer number for a contact to avoid data being associated with an incorrect customer record.

4) Fields in your customer profile database will never be over-written with blank spreadsheets. If you have existing data, you can choose the option 'Overwrite With New Data'.

5) If you choose to overwrite with new data and there are blank fields in the spreadsheet, the blank fields will not overwrite any existing information.

6) The spreadsheet will not auto-populate any data. Leaving the password field blank will not cause the WineDirect Platform to generate a dummy password for your customer.

7) Please do not remove any columns from the Sample File. If you do not have any information in any of the below fields, you may simply leave the field blank. If one of the columns is missing or a column header is renamed, the importer tool will not work. Certain fields require a maximum of 50 characters such as the address fields, company name, first name and last name fields.