Starting from the Customer Analysis folder this process will use two reports:

Select the following report to to identify customers who have never ordered online/not ordered online for a year etc.   Select your Date range and select All Customers in the Top X Customers drop down.

07- Customer Analysis > 04- Sales and Customers Details by Channel 


2.  Download the results to Excel and Sort and Filter to select Active for Club Status column, and then sort by the column Last EComm Order (note this date is based on wine purchases online and does not include event tickets).   Once you have reviewed your list and chosen your target list of customers sort it by Customer Number.

If you would like to exclude your local customers from your marketing campaign see further details below.  

3.  You have your list of Customer Numbers ready for your marketing campaign to encourage online ordering.  CLICK HERE for details on how to create your marketing campaign in WineDirect using Contact Types and List Builder.



1.  It may not be relevant/appropriate to target your locals with an online marketing campaign. 

Use the following report to produce a list of your local customers that should not be included in your campaign. Download the results to Excel and Sort or Filter to select Active for the Club Status column.   Sort by Customer Number.  

07-Customer Analysis > 03- Sales and Customers Details by Region

2.  The next step is to remove the customer numbers found in this second locals report from your target customer list (created above). Depending on your Excel expertise you can either do this using a vlookup or match, or a simpler method is to copy the column of customer numbers from both reports into one single column of a new spreadsheet, sort by that column and use conditional formatting to highlight duplicates.  This will shade all the customer numbers that appear in both reports (i.e. that you want to exclude).  You then go though and delete the rows with the shading!