RFM Analysis allows you to segment your customers and increase sales with RFM analysis:

Recency - How long since they last purchased

Frequency - How often have they purchased

Monetary value - How much money have they spent

Use the following reports to identify a segmented list of customers and target them with relevant marketing (reward them/win them back/make them feel more special!)

07- Customer Analysis > 06- RFM Analysis

07- Customer Analysis > 06- RFM Customer Data

You can click on each Customer Segment to just view those customers OR use the option Click Here to View all Customer Segments to show full detail of your customers (see below).  This detailed report can be sorted within the report or download to Excel for further manipulation by filtering and sorting.

See below for descriptions of each customer segment and click here to view a more detailed explanation of RFM and Customer Definitions.

Customer Segment


Suggested Actions

Best Customers

Bought recently, buy often and spend the most!

Reward them. Offer early release of new vintages. Will promote your brand.

Potential Best Customers

Made a few big purchases - need to keep them engaged

Keep them sweet via special offers, don’t lose them to competition, talk to them.

Best Customers at Risk

Spent big money and purchased often, but haven’t purchased for a few months. Need to ensure they stay!

Call them or send personalized emails to reconnect, offer incentives, provide helpful resources.

Loyal Customers

Spend good money with us often. Responsive to promotions.

Upsell higher value wines. Ask for reviews. Engage them.

Potential Loyal Customers

Recent customers, bought a few times

Offer club membership / loyalty program, recommend other wines they might like.

Loyal Customers at Risk

Above average frequency and monetary values. Not purchased for a few months though.

Make limited time offers, Recommend new wines based on past purchases. Reactivate them.

Regular Customers

Regular shoppers, but don’t spend much.

Create brand awareness, try to upsell to higher value wines.

Newer Customers

Recent shoppers, but not frequent purchasers

Provide on-boarding support, give them early success, capture wine preferences, start building relationship.

Dormant Customers

Last purchase was several months ago; unremarkable frequency and monetary scores

Offer other relevant wines and limited time discounts. Recreate brand value.  Focus on high LTV customers.

Lost Customers

Lowest recency scores - haven't seen them all year.

Revive interest with reach out campaign, especially high LTV, ignore otherwise.