There is no clear industry standard defining what constitutes a "Visitor".  Some wineries record a Taster as a Visitor, others will count a Visitor as anyone entering their Tasting Room, others still will exclude those buying wine to go.  For example, are all the people who attend a Wine Club Pickup Party or Winemaker Dinner counted and recorded as a visitor?  What about a club member picking up their wine, but not stopping to taste?


Should the number of Visitors, or number of Tasters, be used to calculate conversion rates?  A winery who uses the Visitor count for Wine Order Conversion or Wine Club Sign-up Conversion reporting will produce lower conversion rates than one using Tasters.


Because of all these inconsistencies, WinePulse does not report on Visitor Count in its Dashboard or use Visitor count in its calculations for reporting purposes (for example Wine Order Conversion, Wine Club Signup Conversion).


If your Winery does record visitors using a product SKU and you want to report on that, you can use the following reports

01- DTC Overview > Sales and KPI > 14- Sales and Quantity by Day and Product Name

01- DTC Overview > Sales and KPI > 15- Sales and Quantity by Day and Product SKU