To save you having to click refresh in your browser to update the Live Daily Dashboard (available to Commerce7 users) in your Tasting Room environment, use the Chrome extension Super Auto Refresh Plus.  

Instructions on how to do this here:

1.  Open Chrome and navigate here

2.  Select "Add to Chrome" & "Add this Extension".

3.  Ensure you are on the Window/Tab with WinePulse Live Dashboard displayed.

4.  Click on the "refresh" icon will appear on the far right hand side of your Chrome toolbar and clicking on it will display the menu below.

5.  Select your required Refresh Interval (we recommend 10 minutes).

6.  Click on Super Auto Refresh's menu icon displays a status page & some selectable options (see below).

7.  At any time if you wish to remove the extension from Chrome, you can select Chrome Settings menu (the three dots on far right hand side), select "More Tools" and "Extensions".  Locate the Super Auto Refresh extension on the list of Chrome Extensions and select Remove.