WinePulse offers Reporting on Products either by Individual SKU or Bundles for Commerce7 users. The Individual SKU report options allow you to report on the individual bottles of wine sold within a Bundle.

Example DTC Sales & KPI Reports in the screenshot below :

Individual SKU Reporting

These Reports 14 & 15 show you the Indiividual items (bottles of wine) sold.  So for example if you sold 10 White Wine Bundles yesterday which contain 2 Bottles of Chardonnay & 2 Bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, these reports will include 20 Chardonnay & 20 Sauvignon Blanc but will not include any details of the Bundles sold.

Bundle Reporting

The Reports 16, 17, & 18 will show you the Bundles sold.  In these examples if you sold 20 White White Wine Bundles yesterday, these reports will include 20 White Wine Bundle but will not include any specific details of the Individual Wines sold within those Bundles.


When you create a Bundle in Commerce7 the price is set for the complete bundle.  When reporting on the individual items in the bundle at a SKU level the individual SKU pricing is determined by apportioning the overall discount across each of the products in the bundle.  For example:

Bundle Contents:
    Pinot Noir $40
    Cabernet Sauvignon $50
    Chardonnay $30
Bundle Contents Original Price Total = $120
Bundle Price = $100 (translates to 83% discount)

When viewing the report for the individual SKUS the net revenue will look like this for those products:

    Pinot Noir $33.33
    Cabernet Sauvignon $41.67
    Chardonnay $25.00